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    Pemuteran beach is the gate to discover the beauty of underwater panorama. Pemuteran beach has beautiful beach and close to Menjangan island

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    Pemuteran is the place to have a relaxing vacation under the sun. The best lace to enjoy a privacy vacation is staying on private villas

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    Pemuteran beach can be your diving base, from here you can explore Menjangan island and other diving destination

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Pemuteran Villas

Pemuteran Villas

Book private villas in Pemuteran
and enjoy having a private vacation

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Pemuteran Resort

Pemuteran has a number of beach resort for your vacation

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Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed

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The tourism sector was hardest hit by the Corona Virus outbreak.

Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed
pemuteran beach

Pemuteran beach - North of Bali



This is the beach in north of Bali for having a relaxed vacation under the sunPemuteran is oen of the Bali island tourist destination which located in the northwest side of the island. The village located around 1 hour drive from Lovina beach to the west. If you are traveling from the south part from the island then it will take around 2.5 hours to 3 hours drive to get here. But all that long drive will be rewarded by the magnificent view of this seaside village and also the opportunity to get snorkeling adventure.

You will be able to see the Pemuteran project of restoring the Pemuteran reef back to its condition before just like in Menjangan island. The generative project is putting several metal frameworks in different sizes and shape under the water and  link them with electricity current to speed up the growth of the coral.

Though still has a way to go to resemble like you can find in Menjangan island, afters several snorkeling here I found that the project going to the right way and I can see some fishes  around the project.

The main reason why many tourists coming to Pemuteran is because the closes and best place to dive and snorkel to Menjangan island which located around 2km from the Bali shoreline. This area currently the best diving destination in Bali if not in the world. Contact us for your vacation in Pemuteran beach.

villa wilali pemuteran

Villa Wilali

Villa Wilali is one of the private villas located in Pemuteran beach. This beachfront villa has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and open living kicthen which make it an ideal villa for a group of guests up to 11 guests.

Villa Wilali Pemuteran
villa beten bukit pemuteran

Villa Beten Bukit

Villa Beten Bukit located in north of Bali in Pemuteran village just around 800m from the beach. The villa was built in 2007 with around 3500sqm of tropical garden and a living area around 270sqm.

Villa Beten Bukit
villa jeda pemuteran

Villa Jeda

The Jeda villa located around the village of pemuteran just around 3 hours drive through scenic views of north Bali. The villa has three private pool villas nestled on two hectares of land '

Villa Jeda

Pemuteran beach is truly exceptional

Book our trip to bali and stay in one of the private villa in pemuteran. This is our best vacation yet, full of privacy and at the same time we can get close to the villagers around the villa - recommended stay in Pemuteran north of Bali”

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