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Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed

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The tourism sector was hardest hit by the Corona Virus outbreak.

Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed
pemuteran beach

Beautiful Maritime Tourism in North Bali

Marine Tourism is one of the fun tourist activities. In fact, many tourists who go to Bali deliberately want to enjoy a type of water sport parasailing, sea walkers to diving. What about Pemuteran Underwater Park?

If you are interested in enjoying diving activities, it doesn't hurt to try diving activities in Pemuteran Underwater Park, Buleleng. This tourist destination not only presents a panoramic view of the underwater world which is full of coral reefs, but this Marine Park really looks different, because there is a replica of the underwater temple.

In addition to various types of statues of gods, ranging from Brahma, Goddess Saraswati to the sleeping Buddha statue, in this Pemuteran God Park, there is also a magnificent replica of the Bentar temple. In addition to being used as a selfie spot, dozens of statues in this tourist spot, also functioned as a fish house and a place for growing coral reefs.

With this facility, all tourists can do diving activities in the Pemuteran Underwater God Park area. In fact, for family groups can also do diving activities together, because the distance between the Biorock coral reef and Pemuteran Underwater God Park with the beach is very close, about 50-100 meters.

(article already published at https://baliexpress.jawapos.com/read/2018/01/19/41756/taman-dewa-pemuteran-tempat-wisata-bahari-cantik-di-bali-utara)





Pemuteran beach is truly exceptional

Book our trip to bali and stay in one of the private villa in pemuteran. This is our best vacation yet, full of privacy and at the same time we can get close to the villagers around the villa - recommended stay in Pemuteran north of Bali”

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