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Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed

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The tourism sector was hardest hit by the Corona Virus outbreak.

Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed
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Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed

The tourism sector was hardest hit by the Corona Virus outbreak. As a result, a number of hotels in North Bali temporarily suspended operations until the Covid-19 pandemic subsided. Even a number of hotel managers have given severance to their employees because hotel occupancy has dropped in the last three months.

As with Selini Hotel which operates in Pemuteran Village, Gerokga, Made Riasta as the Selini Hotel Manager in Pemuteran Village, as of April 2020, no more guests will stay. That means the hotel occupancy rate is at the lowest point.

Due to these conditions, Riasta admitted that he had been contacted by the owner regarding the worst possibility of his hotel being unable to survive amid the crisis due to the impact of Covid-19. According to Riasta, the hotel did not lay off employees. But he predicts it will not last long.

"We have already applied 15 working days, because that is what can be done to survive. With the recent conditions of course the application of 15 working days cannot be maintained. We are threatened to be laid off," Riasta said on Saturday (4/4) afternoon.

The same thing happened to the Matahari Hotel. The biggest hotel in West Bali is also preparing to stop its activities. Reportedly, this West Bali legend hotel will be closing on April 17, 2020 later.

Meanwhile, the Aditya Lovina Hotel, also prefers to close its operations temporarily from April 1, 2020. All hotel employees are temporarily laid off. Except security guards and gardeners. They are still employed according to the shift system. "Indeed there are no guests, During this COVID 19, management closed the hotel." said one of the hotel security guards.

The Head of PHRI of the Regency of Buleleng, Dewa Suardipa, also confirmed that a number of hotels and restaurants chose to close their businesses due to the 19th COVID epidemic. this 19th COVID outbreak. " said Suardipa.

Suardipa said there are indeed several hotels that are still operating. It's just that the operation is done on a limited basis. For example, employees work in turns. "Each hotel has its own policy. For example there are those who hire employees only every fifteen days in turn "said Suardipa.

Meanwhile, Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana said the sluggish tourism did not only occur in North Bali alone. Even throughout Bali. Because of this Corona outbreak brings lethargy in all sectors of the economy.

"The impact problem is not only in Buleleng, but also throughout Bali. We will adjust to local financial capacity. We are still waiting for the words from the Governor, what is the solution. Indeed, if the central government has instructed budget relocation, "Suradnyana said shortly. (article already published at baliexpress.jawapos.com/read/2020/04/05/187327/pariwisata-lesu-sejumlah-hotel-di-buleleng-tutup-sementara-waktu by I Putu Suyatra)





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